Даша Русакова - "Шопинг"

Premiere of the new song by Dasha Rusakova "Dark moon"

On September 23 the new Dasha Rusakova song, titled “Dark Moon” premiered.

    "The song is unusual, emotional, bright... "Dark Moon" is my attempt to say everything that you feel in an unpleasant situation when you “shout”, but the person you care for simply doesn’t hear you.

    The main thing to understand is that everything will fall into place! All you have to do is trust fate and just wait. Eventually, your special someone will hear everything!

    I hope that my listeners enjoy my new song and, for everyone, I hope this song pushes someone to make the “right choice!"


* * *

Dasha Rusakova's song "Rain drops" - Playing on radio stations in your town!

As of July 7 you can hear Dasha Rusakova's song "Rain drop" on "Russian Radio Ukraine".

A list of the cities playing the song can be found here: http://www.rusradio.com.ua/docs_7.html





On July 20 "First Popular" radio will add "Rain Drops" to the stations circulation.


You can request the song, through the "Advance orders section" on their website and celebrate with us!


* * *

Dasha Rusakova's debut song – "Rain drops"

On June 22 young singer Dasha Rusakova's debut song "Rain Drops" premiered. The song also featured a video which was shot with Dasha's mobile phone!


* * *