Dasha Rusakova was born on 14th August 1991 in Yaroslavl. As a child she went ballet dancing and studied at a music and drama school. At 16 she came to Moscow to study at MSUE (Moscow State University of Economics), which she graduated in 2012 with an honours degree in economics.   

Having received her first degree, Dasha immediately submitted her application to the Shukin theatrical institute, where she is studying at the moment. Apart from all this Dasha is continuing to study for a masters degree at MSUE.
“At first I was afraid of making such big changes in my life. Then I thought to myself: Hey I’m 20 years old! It’s time to do something with myself I have dreams and I want them to come true!”
Even before starting out at the theatrical institute, Dasha decided to try out her strengths in cinema: to go along to casting and plunge herself into this environment. It was here she found success: In July 2012 right before her admission exams, Dasha confirmed for herself her very first role. Since then she has shifted her attention to focus largely on growning her acting portfolio.

Most recently, Dasha has released the following songs: “A Drop of Rain”, “Dark Moon”, “Dreams of You”, “The Director of my Dreams”, “Parrallels”, and also the duet between Dasha Rusakova and David Todua – “Your Kiss”.
These songs and remixes have been played and continue to be played on radio stations such as: "The Most Popular", "Love Radio", "UFM", "Baltika", "Radio METRO", "Russian Radio" (Ukraine, Belorussia, Baltic States), “Hit FM» (Ukraine), "Sharmanka”, "Lux ФМ",“Shanson” (Ukraine) and many more.
Music videos have been released for the songs: "Dreams of You", "Dark Moon", “Parrallels” and “Your Kiss”.

The video for the song "Dark Moon" won the prize "Unwinding" in November, on RUSSIAN MUSICBOX. Apart from this, the videos are released at many hit parades, taking the number one spot (hit parades: "FM-TV Russia", "FM-TV Ukraine" и Baltic states.), they are also a part of the rotation on such music channels as: RUSSIAN MUSICBOX, M1, M2, RU Music, Re Music, and many others.

“I love what I’m doing now! I am fortunate that I was too cowardly to drop out of my university course half way through and to be brave enough to begin to move in a second and completely different direction, but It’s never too late to start working on yourself! What joy it brings me to know my songs are being played! Even better if the the audience enjoy listening to them! Thank you everyone for your support!

I believe that we would all do better to believe in miracles and let them into our lives!” - Dasha.